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November contentment

imageIt’s one of those November nights when you know things are finally changing to reflect the next season. I have woken up to  the sound of rain falling outside my window for three mornings now, and Leo and I have taken a few wet walks in the dark after dinner. But it’s been warm and we have delayed returning immediately after doing the business as I savored the end of fall. I hear the wind blowing outside now as it ushers in the inevitable harsh temps that we will be celebrate in the spring with shorts and flip flops.

I am under the blankets on my couch/sometimes bed with my freshly bathed senior pug. He is breathing slow and steady with an occasional licking of his lips. He sleeps. The clock ticks on the wall and the refrigerator kicks on. I might play a little bit of my zombie game or I might go straight to sleep after Leo’s final eye drops of the night. Reliably boring to many, but this contentment is the mental elixir of life to me.


a walk in the white

February 5.  A break in the freeze.  A thaw, if you will.  And we did.  This was the first real walk that Leo and I took in over a month that didn’t end with my carrying him in all of his 30 pound pug glory back to the house.

He was a massive spaz in the very recent snowfall and it was delightful to watch after a trying month of cold weather and a double eye infection that rendered him even more of a dog-blob than usual.

Also delightful was to have the camera in hand again and to grab a few shots of my favorite subject.

the private bathroom path

problematic inconsistencies in snow depths

flakes and fur

catching snow on tongues