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A lazy weekend

Once I arrived home on Friday eve, I didn’t leave again until Sunday afternoon and only for a short while to take Leo for a walk and go do a bit of shopping for next week’s meals. Leo, the bf and I launched into full-on lounge mode Friday night, watching a movie called Goats and an episode or two of Eureka. Saturday was LOTRO for a good chunk of the day, after waking at 11am and Sunday was another late start and some more Eureka. We got nothing done and it was glorious…with the exception of advancing 2 levels in LOTRO!

The thing about LOTRO…I love this game and the bf mostly plays it because I want him to. He enjoys backing his horse into my character and jumping onto things he shouldn’t (like tents and fire pits) while I strategize, but mostly I believe he plays just to make me happy. We play dwarven brothers from the grey mountains, which maybe is weird as we are dating and all. We accentuate the brothers aspect by shouting BROTHERS as often as we can and wearing similar clothing. We currently have matching hats and shoes.

Jan 5┬áJan 5 – We are just venturing into the Lone-Lands and I am about to go up to 24th level. Oh yeah.

Jan 6Jan 6- All manner of liquids on a quiet afternoon. Nail polish, dog eye medicine and water in the Star Trek glass.