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For, like, ever I had no idea what NYE meant. I suspected it had something to do with New York, possibly something like the stock exchange but not, and then allowed myself to be distracted and never do any knowledge-y follow up (which is totally a word). Now that I know what it is, I try to use it whenever I can, which is sadly only about a week a year, if that.

My 2012 NYE was one of the more low-key NYEs I have experienced and this is not bad.  My bf and I had considered a NYE party, but we ended up playing LOTRO until 11 and then watched a movie about juicing.  We are hardcore party people.

Today has been a day of lounging and mentally preparing to go back to work after a glorious week and a half off. I have also been stretching my crochet muscle and am  hoping to rock a few projects. It’s been over a year since I held the crochet hook in my hand and things are not progressing as I would like, but I am patient. We will see.