Project 365

I have done several photo-a-day-for-a-month projects before, but never really had any success during the month of January. I suspect the cold and the short days might have more than a little to do with it, but hey, that is going to be part of the story of my Project 365.

So, things are sliding kinda goth. I could blame the weather and having to return to work after nearly 2 weeks off, but the truth is that I am currently obsessed with the Tinto 1884 Lens and D-Type plate film.

Jan 2Jan 2 – Sleepy pug.

Jan 3Jan 3 – Waiting for my tall soy latte at Starbucks. I have recently kicked the caffeine habit, but was bored at work so I thought this would help. It did.

Jan 4Jan 4 – It was a hat and mitten-free 32 degrees when I took this shot.  I took a short drive over lunch with the windows cracked, enjoying the look of melting snow and the smell of fresh air.





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