Manic Monday

On Sunday night as I was running the dishwasher, a pipe broke loose under the sink and began to shoot water out at a decent pressure. Luckily, I happened to be in the kitchen when this happened as I was wiping up a pee spot that my geriatric pug had recently made.

My first bold move was to shut off the dishwasher. Upon opening the cabinet under the sink, I was fairly alarmed to see (and feel) a wave of water deposit several cleaning supplies housed under the kitchen sink on the floor, much like an ocean wave does with seaweed and dead fish. Shit. I summoned the BF from upstairs with my amazing vocal abilities and he did his best to hold back the flood while I ran outside and turned off the water at the main valve. I finished by attempting to use the shower squeegee to move some water outside while the BF attempted to get our landlord into action with email and phone calls.

Let me backtrack by mentioning that we are renting a place that has horrible, rusty pipes among a host other things. Our landlord choses to “fix” things cheaply, which is to say half-assed, if he even acknowledges our maintenance request at all. This method of “fixing” things has already resulted in numerous plumbing visits, which is why I could locate and shut off the main valve in the first place.

We go to bed Sunday night with no word back from our landlord – for the purpose of this story, let’s call him BOB – about when an emergency plumber will arrive. Monday morning is when BOB calls to inform us that our regular contractor is showing up around noon, but that I should call him to “make sure”.  Just whatever, BOB, I need to take a shower.


Party in the cul-de-sac

Did I mention that our driveway is getting ripped up today too? Completely separate incidents that came together to make this the Perfect Storm of Misery. Our contractor didn’t have the easiest access to our house and had to take several trips to his truck.

Finally, he disappeared and didn’t return for maybe 2 hours. I assumed he just said to hell with this and walked out on his job, but I heard activity as he had just let himself back in (why not? He left without saying anything 2 hours ago, right?) and got back to work. As it turns out, this job was too big for him and he had gotten a real-maybe plumber.

attachment-1As the day wore on, the real-maybe plumber couldn’t get the job done either (insert circus music) because the crap-ass pipe kept breaking and they couldn’t attach the new pipe to the crappy one. I creeped on the action from an upstairs window and this is our regular contractor guy yelling on his phone. I wish I had one of those star trek universal translators, as I am assuming that he is talking to BOB and this can be filed under: JUICY stuff.  But, as I do not speak that language, I must only guess.

I took Leo for a short walk and came back to see BOB in my kitchen along with the regular contractor. The real-maybe plumber had migrated out to the patio where the work had moved and delivered the worst news ever. It wasn’t getting done today. He didn’t have the right tools. Meanwhile inside, I could see the other two gesturing at the cabinets, ceiling and pantry which is on the opposite side of the room. Uh-oh, there is no scenario where this is going to be good. So glad I only rent this place.


Apparently, only the pipes that were easy (read:cheap) to get done were actually done some unknown amount of time ago. The plan was that another plumber was meeting BOB here at 6pm to do an estimate on replacing all the rest of the pipes with copper piping AND all the kitchen cabinets replaced too.

They all leave and I rush to get Leo fed, medicated and sequestered again before the clown show resumes. He sniffs the air as I carry him down the stairs and begins to bark and howl, carrying on like a rabid beast until his face is in his food bowl.

The next plumber arrives 20 minutes early and is possibly 5% fluent in english. He looks at the whole house for maybe 5 minutes and then tries to get me to okay the estimate. He doesn’t understand that I am just the renter and calls his son to talk to me. Finally BOB shows up and they walk around my house again. Neither of them can understand each other and they stand out in the garage repeating themselves until the plumber calls his son again. A deal is struck that does not involve kitchen cabinet tear down as the pipes are in the ceiling. They will be back Wednesday morning to do the full replacement and it will take 1 day.

Sigh. It’s Monday night and I need a shower already.


I made this.


Ever since I sent Dustin’s passport to him on a work trip (as his ID got stolen in a chain of mishaps that necessitated additional identifying documents) and put a bunch of unannounced glitter in the envelope too, I have been wanting to Create With Glitter.

I was passing a depressing lunch hour in the Target close to my work and happened upon an assortment of brown paper mache animals in the new crafts aisle. Yaaaasssss! And yes, I said this aloud, but thankfully my voice doesn’t carry. Like at all. I proceeded to purchase the t-Rex model and made a mental note to come back for the pig.

I acquired some orange glitter last week and tonight was the night! My plan was to spray the glue on and then shake that little guy in a large freezer bag full of glitter. This particular glue dries very fast, and I reasoned that it would be ideal for the shake-n-bake scenario that he would be facing. I really should have done a dry run first, because as soon as the glue was fully applied and I was .0456 seconds away from shoving him in the bag full of glitter, I realized my folly. There were two problems, actually. A two-fold folly, if you will.

My first thought was “shit, he is going to stick to the inside of the bag”, followed closely with “double shit, he is too big for this bag”. I set him down and my hands were already sticking to his body. Three-fold folly, I guess. left with no other options, I began madly flinging glitter around, dumping it on his body and trying to press it on his underbelly with my hand that is already coated orange glitter the size of a grain of sand.

More or less happy with the final result, but mostly wanting to get the glitter hand taken care of before it was too late, I went to wash my hands and mindlessly left a trail of orange glitter handprints not unlike the blue variety that Tobias left around the house on Arrested Development.

I actually had a wave of panic wash over me as I could NOT get that glitter off! By the old gods and the new, I have glitterscale – not that you can wash off greyscale! Fix yourself Sir Jorah, we need you to not be a bad ass stone man!

As I type this now, my left hand is still very sticky. I have glitter, sticky residue and now pug fur on that hand, and a mess out on the patio. But I am going back for that pig tomorrow.

She blinded me with silence

yes, I know, it’s actually *science*. But damn, it’s so quiet in this house right now that those are the words to that song. The actual right now words. It’s a thing.

November contentment

imageIt’s one of those November nights when you know things are finally changing to reflect the next season. I have woken up to  the sound of rain falling outside my window for three mornings now, and Leo and I have taken a few wet walks in the dark after dinner. But it’s been warm and we have delayed returning immediately after doing the business as I savored the end of fall. I hear the wind blowing outside now as it ushers in the inevitable harsh temps that we will be celebrate in the spring with shorts and flip flops.

I am under the blankets on my couch/sometimes bed with my freshly bathed senior pug. He is breathing slow and steady with an occasional licking of his lips. He sleeps. The clock ticks on the wall and the refrigerator kicks on. I might play a little bit of my zombie game or I might go straight to sleep after Leo’s final eye drops of the night. Reliably boring to many, but this contentment is the mental elixir of life to me.


Plastic albums

This is all I have left in the massively ongoing project of ripping all of my CDs to my hard drive. It has been months of looking at grocery bags of CDs as they migrated from the unripped to the ripped side of the desk.

A lazy weekend

Once I arrived home on Friday eve, I didn’t leave again until Sunday afternoon and only for a short while to take Leo for a walk and go do a bit of shopping for next week’s meals. Leo, the bf and I launched into full-on lounge mode Friday night, watching a movie called Goats and an episode or two of Eureka. Saturday was LOTRO for a good chunk of the day, after waking at 11am and Sunday was another late start and some more Eureka. We got nothing done and it was glorious…with the exception of advancing 2 levels in LOTRO!

The thing about LOTRO…I love this game and the bf mostly plays it because I want him to. He enjoys backing his horse into my character and jumping onto things he shouldn’t (like tents and fire pits) while I strategize, but mostly I believe he plays just to make me happy. We play dwarven brothers from the grey mountains, which maybe is weird as we are dating and all. We accentuate the brothers aspect by shouting BROTHERS as often as we can and wearing similar clothing. We currently have matching hats and shoes.

Jan 5 Jan 5 – We are just venturing into the Lone-Lands and I am about to go up to 24th level. Oh yeah.

Jan 6Jan 6- All manner of liquids on a quiet afternoon. Nail polish, dog eye medicine and water in the Star Trek glass.

Project 365

I have done several photo-a-day-for-a-month projects before, but never really had any success during the month of January. I suspect the cold and the short days might have more than a little to do with it, but hey, that is going to be part of the story of my Project 365.

So, things are sliding kinda goth. I could blame the weather and having to return to work after nearly 2 weeks off, but the truth is that I am currently obsessed with the Tinto 1884 Lens and D-Type plate film.

Jan 2Jan 2 – Sleepy pug.

Jan 3Jan 3 – Waiting for my tall soy latte at Starbucks. I have recently kicked the caffeine habit, but was bored at work so I thought this would help. It did.

Jan 4Jan 4 – It was a hat and mitten-free 32 degrees when I took this shot.  I took a short drive over lunch with the windows cracked, enjoying the look of melting snow and the smell of fresh air.